Main Services

Talent Recruit

Talent Recruit

ifirms helps in recruitment of  best of the best employees from its self managed talent pool database

Train & Job ready

Train & Job ready

We take complete responsibility by providing training and make newly hired job ready to meet your business standards.

On Job Evaluation

On Job Evaluation

We even undertake on job evaluation and periodically train and test knowledge to ensure they are job competent

dedicated Support

dedicated Support

ifirms will assign a dedicated person of contact exclusively for your organisation to take care of your HR needs.

Professionally We Implement Our Unique Experience In Order to Reach Your Purposes & Targets

Other Support Services

Unlimited Talented Pool

Let us know your recruitment needs and our unlimited talent pool can find the employees you are looking for .

Customized solutions

We provide customized recruitment solutions that are in demand only for a particular season or period

Extremely Flexible

You can take our help only for a particular period in a month or give us a contract for an year to take care of your recruitment needs.

Out Source

If you do not want to hire and spend a lot of money , You can outsource your project to us ,we will get it done .

Soft Skills

We provide free motivational training and soft skills to our candidates before sending them to your organization to ensure they meet business standards.

Industrial Training

We understand that requirements differ from organization to organization.Hence we even provide Industrial training needed

Extra Services

We provide payroll services and manage all documentation work for you .So that you can focus only on developing business

Would you like your company to be promoted in social media, we will make sure it is visible for you with our digital marketing services and experience.

You can out source us your content needs and we will manage your knowledge base so that your employees can refer to our content related to SOPs,Protocols and allied to enhance your work

We can provide security personnel, maids, Plumbers, electricians and hardware professionals on Project or contract basis

Do you want to conduct a campus drive in any area? we will be able to arrange that for you in 100 plus colleges associated with us

We have wonderful software’s to help you manage employee records on our highly secure servers so that you need not maintain any record and we take care of hire to exit .



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